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Radford University today announced a new partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) for freshmen studying on its main campus. The new relationship was announced on Tuesday, heralding the first year that Highlander fans will receive a debit card with co-branding under the university's new Student Credit Card Program. Freshmen starting the 2020-2021 academic year will be the first cohort of the programme and the first recipients.

The award, which is available to state students, can be extended for four years for undergraduate students, subject to a GPA requirement of 3.0 for continued eligibility. The program's funding model is consistent with Radford's commitment to the highest standards of academic excellence and academic freedom, "said Dr. John P. Smith, vice president for student affairs and vice chancellor for academic affairs.

A highlight of the university is the Highlander Festival, which celebrates Radford's Scottish-Irish heritage. Although the Highlanders have neither a rich history nor a large fan base, the experience is at least unique.

The Highlanders have won several events over the years, most recently the 2009 basketball and rugby tournaments. The win also marked the second straight win Longwood has won its conference opener and the first time the Lancers have started with a double-digit win in their first three games of the season and have surpassed 50. On March 3, 2018, against Winthrop, they topped 90 points per game.

In a dazzling offensive performance, Lancers tallied 10 points for Longwood, who ranks second in the conference in scoring, averaging 73.0 points per game. The Lancer put on her season-best performance in rebounding, enjoying a 52-34 rebounding lead over Radford. Forward and guard Jodie Meeks' 20 points were part of a team that grabbed 20 offensive rebounds for the Highlanders (3-1, 0-0).

Radford started the match with a 6-0 run but the Eagles managed only four goals in the second half to trail the Highlanders by 11. Longwood's offensive stepped up a gear, outscoring the Highlanders 24-9 in a quarter that ended with a 14-1 run that included two goals from Kaitlyn O'Neill, the senior forward and senior guard. The offensive line was led by the freshman in a red shirt jersey, who scored 14 points and had one more game - eight rebounds. RU clinched its second win of the season thanks to a 10-2 run in the first three minutes of play.

Radford University had five special programs, including the Radford Scholar-Athlete Program, which sees students go to a globally affiliated college for one semester or a full year each semester. While at university, they are now officially eligible to compete in the NCAA tournament for the first time in their careers and to compete for their first national title in women's football.

The Help Center also helps students find scholarships and financial support provided by the Radford University Foundation, the university's philanthropic arm. The Highlander Distinction Program will offer demand and performance-related awards as well as performance-related awards. In addition to the university's existing scholarships - funded for the 2018-2019 academic year - Radford's students are expected to receive more than $1.5 million in scholarships in 2020 and 2021, made possible by generous donors through the Radford University Foundation. The Foundation's scholarship funding - at the scholarship level - has doubled in the past two years, with the University of Virginia and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) increasing their funding.

The MBA program at the College of Business and Economics requires a GMAT score, while GRE and MAT scores are required for courses offered by the College of Graduate Professional Studies. They also have different admission conditions, which can be read on their university's website. The requirement for a bachelor's degree - normally found in medical schools, Cox said - is also new to Waldron.

At Radford University, students from different walks of life can find ways to make new friends and communicate better with their peers. Each residence has Residence Assistants (RA) who help other residents with administrative needs and resources. Every weekend, students on campus meet for community events and are also encouraged to engage in nonprofit organizations. Whether reading, martial arts or students on the right: prospective students can also find clubs that match the choice of the prospective student.

Cheerleaders often throw T-shirts into the crowd and there's a small band of peppers in the student section to give the college feel. The rest of the crowd is apparently local alumni, who tend to take a more casual approach to events.

The environment at the Dedmon Center is unique, and that's because the fan base is relatively small. The small town's student body is unique, coupled with the small size of the stadium and the lack of a large sports facility in the city.

Small schools in college basketball tend to have a field house or gym, and that seems to be the absolute best option for sports fans. Radford's games attract an average audience of about 1,500, but even these can be haunting. Low expectations tend to be met at Highlanders games, attracting about 2,000 fans per game, with average attendance in the region.

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